Tester Drinkup in Columbus 6/15

Hi folks! I’ll be in Columbus speaking at Nationwide and Per Scholas on 6/16, but I’ll be getting into town 6/15 so let’s have a Testers Drinkup! Suggestions on a place? I’m staying in Dublin, so near there would be preferable…

What: Testers Drinkup
When: 6/15 8pm
Where: some bar near Columbus, OH
Why: to hang out and ease the nerves!


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  1. Damian Synadinos

    Dublin is pretty spread out, but if you’re speaking at Nationwide I think I know where you’ll be (probably at my old office!). Taking that into account, here are some suggestions for nearby booze-n-food-n-booze (and booze):
    Yogi’s Bar and Grill
    5857 Karric Square Dr.
    Dublin, OH 43016
    Phone: (614) 798-1772
    -Local, popular watering hole
    -If it’s packed, On The Rocks is in the same strip mall
    BJ’s Brewhouse
    5141 Tuttle Crossing
    Dublin, OH 43016
    Phone: 614.659.9400
    -Restaurant/bar – plenty of food, good beer selection
    56 North High Street
    Dublin, OH 43017
    -Irish bar
    -A bunch of folks went there after QA or the Highway
    J. Liu, Mezzo, Tucci’s
    -3 restaurants in downtown Dublin, all within walking distance of each other and Brazenhead
    Dub Pub
    5736 Frantz Road
    Dublin, OH 43016
    -After-hours party place for you krazy kids
    See ya…wherever we choose!
    -Damian Synadinos

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