On to new adventures

So I’m stuck at a Starbucks using their wifi, because of a power outage at my place. So why not post on the ol’ neglected blog?

I left my previous job back in March, and just last week revealed where I’ve been working now. I didn’t say where earlier, because my previous boss has some kind of relationship with my current company. They made attempts to find out where I was going, even asking co-workers if they knew and trying to find out through Facebook etc. Now, I could give a shit less. Plus, we were named the #1 place to work in IT in ComputerWorld so I’ve got that going for me 😛

My previous company is a startup, with 20 or so employees. My new company has been around for 20+ years with 10,000 team members. The culture and feel at the new place is WAY more startup-y than the previous one. I could say a lot more about why I left the old place, but I don’t want to get totally negative in this post…

Anyway, the new job is great. It’s challenging, I work with a ton of great, smart people and I have fun at work EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even the long days get a bit of fun. Yes, I’ve only been there 2 months but I’ve already gotten myself neck-deep in projects. But that’s me. Some people want to work their 8 hours and go home. I, for some reason, want to work 9+ hours a day, plus weekends. I have come to the conclusion that I’m insane, but I’ve always been this way – that’s why I have a tattoo of a candle  burning at both ends…

The next MMTMD is being planned by some others – I can’t make it out to Lansing on a weekday unfortunately. I am, however, involved in the planning for the next Ann Arbor GiveCamp, which will be awesome. I couldn’t get involved as much last year – the first year I didn’t do any GiveCamps since my first one in 2010.

Blah blah blah I’m rambling now, and nobody cares. I need to go find something else to do until my power comes back on at home. These chairs at Starbucks aren’t comfortable…


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