My first lightning talk – developing for idiots

At the August 10th meeting of Ann Arbor .NET Developers (@AADND and I’ll be giving a lightning talk. The topic is “developing for idiots”. No, it’s not about how to develop software if you’re an idiot – it’s about how the idea that “a user wouldn’t do that” is bullshit. Look at it as a message from QA (or support) to developers 😛


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  1. Stuff like entering 999999999999999999999999999999999999999 into a money field? Dev mind: "No one would do that, that is just illogical, I don’t need to see if this would blow my int16 out of the water. Or my SQL DB field. Or if it would fit nicely in the allotted space without FUBARing the whole screen."User mind: "Oh shoot my phone was pressing down the 9 key for 50 minutes, I’ll just ignore it and hit enter because it should tell me I’m an idiot and fix it self."QA mind: "How can I piss off a developer today? I know I’ll stick illogical numbers in a field…or letters in a number field, or even better…..I’ll complain that this field is 1px off alignment!"

  2. 😛 Also learning that kittens like to type, too 😛 Maybe I should call it "Developing for idiots and/or users with kittens"

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