Testing Resources

These are resources that I find helpful in explaining testing, leveling up testers, and actually doing testing!


The best community of testers I’ve found is Ministry of Testing, hands down. They have conferences, run webinars open to the public, have a discussion board, and they run two Slack chats. It’s an awesome community of testers around the globe, and I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without them.


Other than what I’ve blogged about here, there’s a great intro to automation at Automation in Testing.  Again the community above is a great resource for anything around that, like The Club’s listing of Automation topics.


There are a number of conferences around testing, and even for more broad topics that benefit testers. There are a ton of great ones I am not listing because I haven’t attended them so I can’t personally recommend them yet. Some of the ones I’ve attended and highly recommend:

  • TestBash – a series of conferences all over the world put on by Ministry of Testing. Great value for the money, these are smaller conferences with much higher quality speakers and sessions.
  • CAST – these have also been spreading around the world a bit. They’re put on by the Association for Software Testing. Also relatively small, very good conferences.
  • Targeting Quality – a great smaller conference put on by the KWSQA user group. I’ve only been once, but I had a really good time!
  • CodeMash – a conference for software development team members of all roles, this is a larger conference. I’ve been the Testing track chair for the past several years, and worked to ensure the track is beneficial for testers. The benefit of these developer conferences is that you can learn about all kinds of stuff, not just testing.

User Groups

The Ministry of Testing has a great list of user groups here: https://ministryoftesting.com/ministry-of-testing-meetups. My group is on there as well as many more from around the world! You can always go onto Meetup.com and search near you, as well.

Testing Concepts

There’s really so much out there for testing concepts. I could just link back to Ministry of Testing again for everything lol Some resources I find particularly useful are below. Feel free to suggest others!

Exploratory Testing: http://testobsessed.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/ETinAgile-agile2011-final.pdf

Heuristics: http://testobsessed.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/testheuristicscheatsheetv1.pdf

Bug Reports: https://www.ministryoftesting.com/dojo/series/bug-reporting-101

Katrina Clokie’s API, Web Services & Microservices Testing Pathway (lots of resources) – http://katrinatester.blogspot.ca/2015/09/api-web-services-microservices-testing.html