This page is all about the non-talk, non-workshop type professional appearances I’ve participated in. Interviews, podcasts, AMAs, panels, silly promo videos, etc. There may be some overlap with Talks.


StarWest Virtual Conference (October 2017)

Interviewed during StarWest Virtual in October 2017, published January 2018


TestSphere Roulette Episode 11 (Sept 2022)

Audio podcast as a guest, talking about Scalability, Rejection, and Bandwagon Effect

Testing Tales with Lee Marshal aka Pirate Tester(May 2022)

Video podcast guest discussing my career thus far, and conference submissions (and being rejected).

Software Testing Advocacy with Karen Todd (May 2022)

Video podcast guest discussing software testing advocacy as it relates to being a Quality Architect, as well as bias and heuristics.

IT in the D Show, Episode 292 (April 2019)

Podcast guest discussing DevOps, testing, etc.

Technology and Friends, Episode 552 (January 2019)

Podcast/interview during the CodeMash conference in January 2019, published February 2019

IT in the D Show, Episode 5 (July 2013)

Podcast guest discussing testing. Lots of swearing (they said it was ok!) that they had to edit so it is shorter than it should be lol I also, listening to this, see how much I’ve learned and grown since then!. July 2013


Testim AMA (October 2020)

Great, short AMA on getting more into the code as a tester. I could have gone on for hours on this topic!

Ministry of Testing – AMA API Testing (May 2020)

Always great doing sessions with Ministry of Testing! A lot of really good questions, and no time to answer them all. I followed up on The Club to answer the rest.

Private Company AMA, virtual (May 2019)

I was asked to do an AMA on being a test engineer for a small quality engineering team. I love doing these kind of intimate AMAs!

Panel Discussions

The Reality of Testing in DevOps Panel (November 2020)

Pretty big panel, but I think we covered some good topics here and everyone got a word in 😀

Testing in DevOps panel (March 2019)

Great small panel of just myself and Theresa Neate, with Smita Mishra moderating.

Misc. Videos

I really REALLY enjoy being silly. Here are some of my silly videos I’ve done for promos.

Dojo Course Promotion (August 2020)

This might be my favorite ever. I needed to promote my new Ministry of Testing Dojo Course – Automating API Checks with RestSharp, and I wanted it to be silly. Cooper is an absolute star in this! Make sure you watch til the end – he’s got something to say!

Testing RESTful Web Services talk promo (2017)

I had to go with the infomercial theme for this one. StarWest asked speakers to provide a short promotional video for our talks, and this was my fun take.

CAST talk promotion (2014)

This is SO HARD TO WATCH! This would be my second ever conference talk and I was so nervous. LOL we did so many takes.