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KalamazooX 2018 Recap


KalamazooX is over. Most likely won’t be another one. Not sure what will be able to help me like it has now, but we’ll see.

It’s not just a conference, it’s all of the people that I get to see. Sure I see them individually or in sub-groups other times of the year, but seeing everyone together also makes this special. Seeing my IT family all together, once a year. I hope we find other opportunities to all get together.

Below is the link to the Storify of my live tweeting of KalamzooX 2018. It was remarkable in that at one point, my Twitter account got locked out and I had to prove I wasn’t a robot. I blame Leon Gersing and his insane quotability 😉

Here’s the link:


Kalamazoo X – the last of its kind & an offer

The last Kalamazoo X conference in Kalamazoo is taking place on April 21st of this year. I’m sad to see it go, but excited to see what it evolves into.

I started attending Kalamazoo X in 2012, and I’ve attended every year since. It is a life-changing conference in so many ways!

I’ve written a blurb in the past (here: BestConferenceEver = KalamazooX) to get people to check it out. I live-tweet and then compile every one of them I’ve attended since 2015 (KalamazooX 2015 recapKalamazoo X 2016 Recap, and Kalamazoo X 2017 Recap) if you want to get a feel for what it’s like.

I decided that even though I feel like it’s a super cheap conference (only $75 at top price!), some people may still not be able to make it work. I’ve been there, when $75 meant way more than a day of sitting at a conference.

So I want to make an offer to the community – if you want to attend Kalamazoo X this year but can’t for financial reasons, I will buy you a ticket. I’m able to cover 2 people.

But I encourage anyone out there that has gained understanding of the world and themselves, like I have, from this conference, to do the same.

So, let me know if I can help you. Email me – g33klady at gmail dot com – and I’ll hook you up. I believe in this conference that much. And I want as many people to benefit from it as possible!