Monthly Archives: March 2013

Along came a meetup

So I started this thing, called the Mid-Michigan Testers Meet Down. The first event of which was today. We had 43 registered to attend, and about 30 showed up. 

HOLY SHIT you guys. That happened. I’m still all “wow”. 

No, it wasn’t a huge deal. We had some thoughtful and conversation-evoking lightning talks, we had a round of Battleship and discussion, we had food and drink, we went to the bar after. But the thing here is – I STARTED THIS.

Those that know me know I have some issues with social anxiety. The drive to Okemos this morning, my hands were sweating and I was feeling sick. I did it anyway. I shook hands with people, met some in person that I had only talked to online, I hung out. I was scared that everything would fall apart. But! It didn’t! And FFS I want to do another one! I has a cray cray…

Thank you very much to Phil, Matt, Jess and Erik for helping to make this event the success that it was. I couldn’t have done it without you guys!