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So if you follow my twitter feed you’ll see that my company sort of rearranged things (first tweet here). Essentially teams of qa and developers were dissolved, and put into one big pool of “Product Development Resources”. No more team leads, some people had reassignments. Best part of this whole thing was that it was announced, for the first time for the entire team, in an all-hands meeting. That part of it kinda pissed me off. Yeah, I’m treading close to Dooce line here, but I don’t really care at this point. It’s shitty to tell a person (actually several people) that they no longer have the title or role that they’ve had for 2 years or more, and shittier to do it as an entire group. We are now something else, a resource in a pool to be used (or not) at another resources discretion.
I was going to go into some details on the new way of things and how I disagree with various points, but I’ll put it down for now. Skating too close to that line as it is.
What I want to know is: have you experienced something like this? Either a rearrangement of how the dev process goes in a huge way, or told of, essentially, your demotion in front of the entire company? As I asked in my tweet, how would/did that make you feel? How did you handle it?


Pride or lack thereof

I’m really fed up with people that take no pride in their work. People that are satisfied with being the weakest link in the chain.

How differently was I raised that I actually give a shit about my work? I don’t remember being taught lessons by my parents on giving a shit. Hell, my childhood wasn’t all that great.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to work the hours I do – I know I’m partly insane and partly stupid for giving so much of myself to work. But have some fucking pride! If I were a dev, and I let code go out that on first, basic run by qa was COMPLETELY NON-FUNCTIONAL I’d personally be ashamed! I would do my best to never let that happen again! Am I off the chain here??