Why I will never use bestbuy.com again

I recently tweeted that my experience with bestbuy.com was the worst e-commerce experience I’ve ever had. Here’s the details, to get this frustration off my chest 😛

For some background, I recently got a Transformer tablet (thanks to several Amazon gift cards!) but was now looking for a keyboard dock. These run $130 generally, so I was excited to find it for $75 on bestbuy.com, especially since I had a $50 gift card I could use.

Here’s a screencap of the first frustration I had:


I’m filling in my address (and damn sure I got it all), and put in my email address twice. Click Continue. I get an error – I apparently missed the Zip. *sigh* fine, maybe I did. So I go to put that back in and see that hey, my email address is missing and is replaced by email@example.com. Retype those and click Continue. Another error – apparently the email addresses don’t match. But they’re back to email@example.com so I’m not sure what I’ve mistyped. I check all of the other fields to be sure they’re not empty now, too, and retype the email addresses AGAIN and click Continue.

Phew, no errors. Next screen, choose a shipping option. No problem – one radio button. Continue.

Here’s the next screen. I’ll refer to specific areas on this one a few times…


Choose my card type, put in my number, choose the expiration, put in the security code. Click the Redeem Gift Card… header to expand that, and fill in the gift card number and its security code. Click Continue.

First error: not enough numbers entered for my card. Ok, is it the credit card or gift card? Card type and expiration persist, so I fill in the number and security code again, and then expand the Gift Card section and fill in those again. Continue.

Second error: you can’t use that gift card again. Fine. But I have to put the credit card in again? Argh. Fine. Again, type and expiration persist, so put in the number and security code. Do not expand the Gift Card section, and click Continue.

Third error: you need to put in a security code for your gift card. Wait, what? Expand the Gift Card section – it kept the gift card number (that it didn’t like) but wiped out the security code. W. T. F. FINE. Put in the credit card number and security code AGAIN. Like a dumb user, I put the security code in for the stupid gift card. Continue.

Fourth error: you can’t use that gift card again, dumbass. Re-enter the credit card number and security code again. TYPING VERY HARD. Expand Gift Card section and wipe out the number in there. Continue.

Fina-fucking-ly get through the damned process and get my order confirmation via email with a seemingly taunting subject line “We received your order”. No punctuation. Assholes, mocking me.


Basically, the good deal of getting a $130 keyboard dock for my tablet for $25 was the only thing keeping me on that site. But never again. Ugh


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